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About us


“What you want to ignite in others must first burn in yourself”
Saint Augustine


The Circle of Christian Intellectuals is a Christian non-governmental organization that seeks to bring together religiously committed people. It was created to bring Hungarian Christians from Vojvodina closer together in the spirit of the gospel. By building on the Christian morality foundations, we help to develop religious human communities and speak credibly to those who demand togetherness, the common proclamation of the gospel. Our goal is to perform the evangelistic tasks that await us, the secularists. We consider it important that relations are formed between Hungarian believers living in different parts of Vojvodina through our activities.
Circle of Christian Intellectuals members can deepen their knowledge of religion through various forms of activities. Members of our organization can be all those interested in religion who want to do more for their community by promoting and living Christian values. Our organization basically and mainly operates in Hungarian and in an ecumenical spirit.

Forms of realization of our goals:

  • Faith days
  • Bible study, culture and science days
  • Spiritual exercises
  • Scientific roundtable discussions
  • Lectures in CIC's local groups
  • Bible school
  • Educational and experience exchange meetings
  • Book and publication presentations
  • Publish publications
  • Organizing pilgrimages
  • Delivering Christian ideas through modern communications

Be our partner, co-worker, supporter in this work!

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