Annual Activity Report of The Circle of Christian Intellectuals in 2014.

In the undermentioned Annual Activity Report of the Circle of Christian Intellectuals (acronym: CCI) you can read about the detailed activity of our organization for 2014 including different lectures, pilgrimages, book presentations etc.



In January we had 9 guest lecturers in 9 settlements of Vojvodina.



In February we had 13 guest lecturers in 14 settlements of Vojvodina.

On 7th of February at the invitation of our organization and due to our collaboration with the Society of Christian Intellectuals (SCI) from Hungary, Sándor Lezsák, Vice President of the Hungarian Parliament, and rev. dr. Zoltán Osztie President of the SCI, visited Subotica. The guests first met the representatives of the Hungarian National Council and the Alliance of Hungarians in Vojvodina and talked about issues relating to the rights of national councils, about ongoing plans of the Hungarian National Council, and about the national parliamentary elections in Hungary in the spring. Subsequently, the prestigious guests attended the solemn oath taking of hungarian citizenship in the General Consulate of Hungary. In the afternoon in the saloon of the City Hall of Subotica the guests attended the lecture and discussion led by Mr. Károly Dudás, writer, and moderated by Mr. József Miskolczi, Vice-Chairman of the CCI.

“A nation breathes through its communities - said Sándor Lezsák – and if these communities are restricted, deprived of their right to maintain  relationships and close ties with each other, the nation gets into a state of sweltering. The community building task is a nation-building task, too” - summed up mr Lezsák the message of his visit to Vojvodina. The CCI and the SCI with this program managed to pinpoint their mutual community and nation-building mission.

On 8th of February we held a meeting of Presidency in the office of the CCI, where, inter alia, the members of the Presidency discussed and adopted the annual report for 2013. They also agreed on  the program for 2014. While entering the eleventh year of it's function, the membership of the CCI is still expanding, it is still one of the largest religious organizations of Hungarian people in Vojvodina. Territorially it best matches the Hungarian-inhabited settlements. The relationship of KEK with the SCI is enriching our activities.

On the “Faith Study Day” instead of the usual three lectures, there were two lectures held, because it was easier for the audience to concentrate and comprehend them. There were held several Bible Days, as well as the traditionally Friendship Day.

The members of the SCI have come to visit us and they will invite us to their programs, too. At the end of the year there had been a meeting in Budapest of the SCI delegates with representation of the members of the CCI. On Advent we organized a spiritual day in Domus Pacis.

On 13th and 14th of February in Szeged (Hungary) we continued the cross-border project of IPA named “Together is better”. The holders of this project are the foundation “Talentum” from Hungary and the diocesan Caritas of Subotica from Serbia. The CCI actively participated  with several members, as the main purpose was to bring together entrepreneurs and civilians, encourage them to collaborate in order to consciously develop our society in which we are living. Members of our organization were led by Mr. Károly Szabó, President and Mr. József Miskolczi, Vice-Chairman. 




In March we had 10 guest lecturers in 13 settlements of Vojvodina.

On 8th of March we had a meeting of the Council of the CCI in Subotica. The members of the Council adopted the report about the last meeting of the Council, reviewed the results of last year activities and delineated their planes for 2014.

The SCI and the CCI organized an event together to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of II. World War.

Between 21st and 23rd of March representatives of the two organizations visited several memorials of innocent victims of the war in a wreath laying ceremony. More than one hundred representatives prayed for these victims and for the rapprochement in Horgos, Martonos, Adorjan, Novi Sad, Curug, Backo gradiste, Becej, Bajmok and Subotica. In Subotica Mr. Bence Rétvári, Under-Secretary in the Government of Hungary, joined the commemoration and made a speech. As he emphasized, this event in organization of the SCI and the CCI was very important, because any information of interest about those atrocities against innocent victims after World War II, committed by the communist regime, was completely hidden until 1990.





In April we had 12 guest lecturers in 15 settlements of Vojvodina.

On 5th of April we held a Lenten Spiritual Day in Subotica. The lecturer was Rev. Árpád Horváth SJ from Budapest (Hungary). He defined the next theme for this day: Behind the phenomena ... How God reveals himself thru persistent prayer, in religious traditions and in the personal and community life”, and elaborated this theme in 3 separate lectures. There were 126 participants from 17 settlements of Vojvodina.  This event ended with Holy Mass presented by Rev. Árpád Horváth S.J. in the Central Cathedral – Basilica Minor of Saint Theresa of Avila.

Between 11th and 13th of April a four member delegation of the CCI, lead by Mr József Miskolczi, Vice-Chairman of the CCI, participated at a common meeting with delegates of the SCI in Százhalombatta (Hungary). At this meeting the delegates had the opportunity to view an exhibition organized in memory of the victims from the II. World War and the  atrocities from Vojvodina.

Here, in Százhalombatta , Mr József Miskolczi held a speech about the commemoration organized in March in Vojvodina. Here, at  this meeting there was  raised the possibility of founding of a Memorial House in Subotica. This Memorial House would set respect for all innocent victims, both the victims of Nazism and Communism from Vojvodina. Mr József Miskolczi promised that the CCI will take on the responsibility of the foundation of this Memorial House, which will serve as mean of reconciliation between the two parties.



In April we had 7 guest lecturers in 8 settlements of Vojvodina.

On 17th of May delegates of the CCI participated at a jubilee meeting organized for celebrating 25 years since the foundation of the SCI. This meeting was in Gödöllő (Hungary). In his speech Rev. Dr. Zoltán Osztie, President of the SCI, mentioned his gratefulness regarding the collaboration with the CCI, which became stronger and stronger year after year. As representatives of the CCI, Mr. Károly Szabó, President, Mr József Miskolczi, Vice-Chairman and Rev. Dr. Károly Harmath OFM also gave jubilee speeches.

On 24th of May there was held the “Faith Study Day” in Novi Knezevac. The lecturer was Dr Miklós Kellermayer, a doctor from Pécs (Hungary), world-renowned cell- researcher, professor-emeritus of the University of Pécs, holder of numerous awards and prizes. The theme of the day was: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn 14,5-6). There were 120 participants from 12 settlements of Vojvodina. The meeting ended with Holy Mass presented by Rev. Zoltán Kormányos, vicar from Utrine, in the parish-church of Saint George.

On 26th of May there was a book review presentation in Subotica, organized by the CCI. The presented book is a reprint of the original first published in 1883. The author of the original book was Gábor Tormásy and the title of the book was: The history of the main Roman-Catholic parish in Subotica. Publisher of the reprint was Agapé Novi Sad, in collaboration with the Hungarian Cultural Institution of Vojvodina and Circle of Christian Intellectuals. Guests of honor at this review were Msgr. Stjepan Beretic, Vicar of Cathedral in Subotica, Rev. Dr. Károly Harmath OFM, director of Agapé and Mr Jenő Hajnal, director of Hungarian Cultural Institution of Vojvodina. The moderator of this review was Mr. József Miskolczi, Vice-Chairman of the CCI. Students of the Paulinum high-school read excerpts from book. There were approximately 80 participants.



In June we had 9 guest lecturers in 10 settlements of Vojvodina.

On 14th of June in Domus Pacis near Horgos we held the “Friendship Day” and also the Annual General Assembly of our organization. Beside the members of the CCI, participants were members of the SCI from Budatétény and Kunszentmárton (Hungary). Mr Károly Szabó, President of the CCI, welcomed the participants. After the Holy Mass from the beginning, Rev. Dr. Károly Harmath OFM lectured about Evangelii Gaudium, the latest encyclic of pope Francis. At the meeting of the General Assembly, President of the CCI, Károly Szabó, made a brief presentation about several events in the period between the last and the current meeting of the General Assembly.

From 27th to 29th of June there was a pilgrimage to Hungary with 49 participants. They visited Benedictine monasteries in Tihany and Bakonybél, Cistercian abbey in Zirc and the towns of Várpalota, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Balataonfüred. The most important experiences of this pilgrimage was how often and how deeply our nation experienced God's providence.








On 12th of July we held a “Bible Day” in Kula. The guest lecturer was Rev. Dr. György Benyik from Szeged (Hungary). He theme, elaborated in three parts, was: “Jesus and women” and he.

On 26th of July there was a pilgrimage day of Domus Pacis. The special guest was Rev. Csaba Böjte OFM from Romania. Approximately 80 members of the CCI participated at this event.



For the fourth time the CCI convened a meeting for its members with the occasion of Saint Augustin's Day, who is the patron saint of the organization. This year the meeting was organized by local a group of Rusko Selo. President of this local group, Mr. Mihály Papp, welcomed the participants, including Károly Szabó, President of the CCI, Rev. Pál Szemerédi, Rev. Tibor Király and Mr. Imre Kabók, Mayor of Rusko Selo.

Mr. Károly Szabó presented the activity of the past ten years of the CCI. After that Mr. Mihály Papp also made a brief presentation about last ten years of the local group of Rusko Selo. Mrs. Edit Szilágyi, vice-president of the CCI and president of local group of Becej lectured about St. Augustin. This event with more than 100 participants ended with Holy Mass in parish church of Rusko Selo.





In September we had 2 guest lecturers in 2 settlements of Vojvodina.

Between 4th and 7th of September delegations of CCI, SCI and the Pastoral Educational Center of St. Gerard from Kosice (Slovakia) visited Hungarians in Stuttgart (Germany). At this meeting representatives of four organizations agreed to start cooperation with the aim of representing the values of Christianity and strengthening of Hungarian national unity. The representatives decided to seek for opportunities to implement projects together.

The first program will be a pilgrimage to Mariazell (Austria) in the spring of 2015. In October 2015., there will be a conference in Kosice, where the representatives of each organization will participate.

On 25th of September there is scheduled a meeting of the Presidency of the CCI in Subotica. With this occasion Mr. Vincent Bus, from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Grants Specialist, member of National Staff of the Subcommittee on Aid to the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, met the members of our Presidency. We talked about different possibilities after eight years of fruitful cooperation. Mr. Károly Szabó, President of the CCI, presented  our activities, plans, financial situation and results.

Mr. Vincent Bus highlighted, that he is satisfied with work of the CCI and expressed his hope that the cooperation will continue. After that the members of Presidency discussed the report about activities from 2014, the plans for 2015 and the possibility of an even better cooperation with other Christian NGO-s in Vojvodina.




 In October we had 11 guest lecturers in 12 settlements of Vojvodina

The SCI from Hungary organized it's traditional pilgrimage to Doroslovo (Serbia) in collaboration with the CCI. The members of the SCI visited Doroslovo and expressed their respect for the Holy Virgin. There were 350 participants from Hungary and 150 members of the CCI present. The Holy Mass was presented by Rev. Árpád Verebélyi, Vicar of Doroslovo and Rev. Dr. Zoltán Osztie, President of the SCI, had a speech.

Rev. Árpád Verebélyi presented the history of the village of  Doroslovo, so important for the cultural tradition of Hungarians from Vojvodina.

On 25th of October there was another “Faith Study Day” in Becej, at the parish of St. Anthony of Padua. Lecturers were Júlia Gertner, a nun from Szolnok (Hungary) and Msgr. József Mellár, Episcopal Vicar of parish of. St.Clair of Assisi from Novi Becej. The topic of their lectures were: “Hope in the Old and New Testament”. There were approximately 100 participants from 8 settlements of Vojvodina. The program ended with Holy Mass.



In November we had 7 guest lecturers in 8 settlements of Vojvodina.

Between 7th and 9th of November there was held a  meeting between delegates of the SCI and CCI in Budapest. Mr. Károly Szabó, President, Mr. József Miskolczi, Vice-Chairman and Vice-Presidents Mrs. Edit Szilágyi, Mrs. Teréz Szabó-Hangya, Mr. Lészló Regéczwere all present. The representatives of Pastoral Educational Center of St. Gerard from Kosice (Slovakia) participated too, and together with the representatives of the CCI, reported about the relationship with Hungarians living outside the boundaries of Hungary.

Between 14th and 16th of November an eight member delegation of the CCI responded to the invitation of Pastoral Educational Center of St. Gerard from Kosice (Slovakia) and visited them. Representatives of the SCI participated at this meeting, too. The members of the three organizations decided to develop a medium-term action plan. They agreed upon a meeting  in Budapest at the end of January 2015.

On 29th of November there was held the Advent Day in Domus Pacis. There were approximately 100 participants from 17 settlements. The lecturer was Rev. Dr. Károly Harmath OFM, Vice-President of the CCI and director of Agapé publisher company. The topic of the day was:  “Convert our hearts into a manger to host the messiah”.



In December we had 5 guest lecturers in 5 settlements of Vojvodina.

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